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"They patiently look for all the possible reservations for me so that i can pick and choose the best value for my money!"

-John Smith, Jersey City



Welcome to Legacy Travel International
Cheap tickets to the Philippines from anywhere in the USA

The one place to find the best travel deals at the lowest prices.

We sell discounted airline travel tickets from USA to anywhere in the world!. We specialize in travel to and from the PHILIPPINES, LATIN AMERICA, and VIETNAM. Our service also include travel to EUROPE, AFRICA,MIDDLE EAST, AUSTRALIA and other major destinations worldwide.

We are proud to annouce our latest breakthrough, we now offer the most competetive CRUISE and VACATION packages around. Whether AIRLINE, HOTEL, CRUISE, or VACATION PACKAGES, Legacy Travel International will help you find the best deals and take care of your travel needs so that you can just relax, enjoy and actually HAVE FUN!





















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